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Karen Ann DeLuca
Karen Ann DeLuca, Community/Opinion Blogger

Originally from upstate NY, actually the county that made the national news during Irene, I moved to Alexandria in 1981 after completing law school in Albany and lived in the West End for five years. I returned to the City after my divorce, one of Fairfax's nastiest and litigiously lengthy, having lived in adjacent Annandale for twenty years. I practice domestic relations law part time and write part time, mostly opinion pieces factually based on my day to day life experiences extrapolated to common themes. I carry a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, although I manage it, without drugs, and do not whine about it. At my age, it could be worse. Since I have lived on both sides of Beauregard near the BRAC complex at Mark Center, and have seen the effects on the immediate community, I have been vocal in both my opposition and proposed solutions. But that is not all I plan to write about in this blog, and I always enjoy and welcome comments from my readers.