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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Transition for most people is hard, even if it’s a positive change. Stepping out of your comfort zone takes courage whether it’s for your business or in your personal life.  There are some people who are willing to continue to operate like they have for years. But our landscape is changing at a rapid pace and change is inevitable. Instead of resisting change, embrace it because what you resist persists. Push yourself by taking a baby step; you’ll be amazed at what you or your business can do!

For example, I have a client who is looking to switch to a totally new field of work. He has talked about changing for a while but hasn’t done anything about it. I challenged him to take some first steps towards this new possible career (like gathering information to be more knowledgeable, talk to people in the field to learn more about it, networking, and so on). I built in accountability so that he let me know when he accomplished each task. Taking these baby steps to get him out of his comfort zone has been a great experience for him. Once he got into action he was on his way and moving forward. 

Here are a few tips:

1) See obstacles as stepping stones. 

2) Turn failure into success by learning from it and growing.

3) Find your stride – what works best for you, not for someone else.

4) Take a baby step out of your comfort zone when you feel yourself becoming too comfortable.

5) Believe in what you do and make it your business to do it well.


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