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Video of altercation at Suitland HS sparks debate | News

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Video of altercation at Suitland HS sparks debate

FORESTVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Did a school security officer in Prince George's go too far in breaking up a fight between two students? 

For one family, the answer is yes. 

Mel Robinson says her niece, a sophomore at Suitland High School, was involved in a fight with another student on Friday, October 23. 

She was suspended for five days because of it. Robinson says she, and her niece's father, are fine with the punishment - but after seeing a cell phone video, Robinson says they are uncomfortable with the way the school's security officer broke up the fight. 

"[My niece] called me and she was like, 'Auntie, did you see the video of what the security officer at my school did to me?' And I'm like no send it to me."

When she saw it, Robinson said was angry. 

"My eyes filled up with tears. I'm like who would do somebody's child like this?"

Robinson believes the video, taken by another student, shows the security officer assaulting her niece. 

"He's literally grabbing her by her hair, shaking her like ragdoll all on the floor - and then he proceeds to escort her down the school hall by her hair," Robinson said. 

"What he did was just purely unacceptable."

Robinson says there were better ways to diffuse the fight. 

"With the footage I have, he's the only guard I saw... Somebody else should've been there with him to help him control that situation."

The school sees it differently. 

Keesha Bullock, a spokesperson for Prince George's public schools, told WUSA preliminary they do not believe this officer acted inappropriately. 

In a statement Bullock said, "the school’s Security Officer quickly responded, and intervened to prevent students from physical harm."

However, Bullock said the video is being reviewed. 

"The cell phone video that was taken by a student witness and shared with the media does not include enough information to make a determination if excessive force was used; therefore, additional investigation into the incident is currently underway."

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