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Myra Dorsey Turns Tragedy into a Page Turner | News

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Myra Dorsey Turns Tragedy into a Page Turner
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Myra Dorsey Turns Tragedy into a Page Turner

At some point, we all face adversity and challenging times. But what we choose to do with the lessons we learn through them can make a world of difference. For Myra Dorsey, author of the book “Benefit of the Doubt,” she has taken her struggles and turned them into a page-turning book that helps others learn how to change their mindset in order to change their life.

“People are brought up to believe and aspire to many different things, and our lives can take many different directions,” explains Myra Dorsey. “We may get caught in traps of thinking one way when, in order to overcome challenges and live our lives to the fullest, we need to be willing to change the way we think.”

Dorsey has been sharing the lessons learned in “Benefit of the Doubt” (AuthorHouse, 2012) as she visits various book stores and churches along her tour. Her transformation comes after experiencing a physically and mentally abusive relationship that also other challenges, such as there being a hit placed on her family, and intrusive in-laws that tried to add to her demise. All this, while also being highly successful in her career. Coming to a crossroads, she chose to take the life lessons she had learned and turn them into a fictional story that would convey the same messages to her readers.

In her personal life, she left her successful position in the corporate world in order to start her own business. She also became an author, writing this book, so that she could share with others what it takes to transform and change their life.

“People may think that you can’t change, that you are just stuck wherever you are in life,” adds Dorsey. “But that’s simply not true. What I hope that people learn from this book is that they may face challenges, but that they can overcome them, and go on to thrive. I did it, and so can they!”

“Benefit of the Doubt” is a book that focuses on Kendal Sweeney, a woman who seems to have it all together. She’s highly successful in her career, yet endures unfortunate circumstances. Her strong faith helps her get through the adversity and come out on top. The book is available online at Amazon.com, BN.com, and other online stores. To learn more, visit www.benefitofthedoubtbook.com.

About Myra Dorsey

As the author of “Benefit of the Doubt,” Myra Dorsey has turned her life experiences into a page-turning book that can help others. She holds an MBA from the University of Baltimore, and has over 15 years’ experience working in human resources for Fortune 500 companies. She has used her business management background and experiences to become an entrepreneur. For more information on Myra Dorsey, or on “Benefit of the Doubt,” visit the site at www.benefitofthedoubtbook.com.

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