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There are Yoga Classes for Everyone | Health

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There are Yoga Classes for Everyone
There are Yoga Classes for Everyone

I have been hesitating to start taking yoga because I am not flexible and all the people I know that take yoga are flexible. Is there a yoga class for me?

Absolutely. The people you know that are taking yoga are flexible BECAUSE they are practicing yoga. They are not necessarily practicing yoga because they are flexible!

Most of the yoga classes offered at studios and fitness centers teach the physical practice of yoga (asana) which is designed to increase flexibility, strength, and balance. 

In classes you will be taught how to get into and out of poses safely, lengthen and strengthen muscles and to move in new and different ways than you are accustomed to moving.  New patterns of movement bring on increased flexibility and strength. 

Some yoga practices target joints resulting in increased range of motion and mobility in the joints. One of the practices I teach is all about ‘circling the joints’ and we isolate that movement in order to lubricate the joints.

Because our bodies have developed misalignment over the years it takes time for your muscles to develop new muscle memory that will support proper alignment and that takes practice, practice, practice. 

Once you find a yoga class or teacher I recommend that you go to at least 5 classes. This will give you the opportunity to get used to the teacher’s directions/cues and to experience the changes that will take place in your body.

You can begin to develop more flexibility, both physically and mentally, any time in your life. There is no time like the present so start now!

By I AM Modern Yoga Guru, Mary Lauttamus