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Gift Ideas For Mother's Day | Families

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Gift Ideas For Mother's Day
Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Just as the temperature begins to show signs of heating up, and my flower beds begin to show signs of life beyond winter, I found the most gorgeous collection of silk photo albums that are simply too elegant to forget. And in fact, I was invited to a fabulous black tie event last weekend at my friend, Lynda's home (yes, her home!) and I so wish that I had come across these works of art before I settled on something lovely as a hostess gift-- but not nearly as special.

Made one at a time by a crew of seamstresses from Dallas, these small books offer a powerful punch-- of color, that is! Adorned with a huge bow (remember that everything is big in Texas!) or a stunning crystal brooch, I love how elegant and rich they all look together. In my mind I am imagining these lady seamstresses drinking sweet tea, discussing their favorite summers while their children run around barefoot in smocked john-johns or bishop dresses-- and lovingly hand crafting the photo albums all the while watching dragonflies. If this is up your southern alley (like mine), then these gifts deserve a prominent place in your home.

Even though I didn't *really* have any gifts to purchase on this particular day,  I choose a few to come home with me. Of course, I love the bright pink check organza with the peony blossom for my daughter's room with a few select photos. And the lime green version with the turquoise flower works well in our living room and now showcases our spring break vacation photos. As I was literally out the door, and after I had made my purchases-- I immediately went back in to choose a third one! Because I realized that Mother's Day is right around the corner and grandma will enjoy sipping her sweet tea and spending hours deciding which photos of the grandkids to add inside. Trust me when I say that there is no other photo album on the planet quite like these-- just like my mom.

By Heidi Kallett